20 kW Wind Turbine


Our 20 kW wind turbine is designed and manufactured according to IEC 61400-2 regulation. Every mechanical and electromechanical component is realized by qualified European and Italian companies, in order to guarantee maximum reliability, efficiency and durable functioning over time.

20 kW wind turbine


Generator power 20 KW
Rotor diameter 10,8 m
Rated generator speed 78 rpm
Nominal wind speed
10 m/s
Cut-off wind speed
25 m/s
Inverter No
Operating voltage AC 400 V
Operational brake Negative and aerodynamics
Blades Three blades
Generator type Asynchronous – 4 poles
Blades material Glass fiber reinforced
Hub height 20 m
Total weight (nacelle + rotor)
1100 kg
Standard IEC 61400-2